Obsessed with College Sports

Submitted by: Maddie Gaulden @ UDOC Marketing & Media Team

Recently one of my friends changed their Facebook religious views to “Carolina Basketball.”  While I thought it was pretty funny, it made me think: how obsessed are students with college sports?  Going to school in a town fanatical about their basketball, there was often a greater demand than there were tickets to the games.  Students would do almost anything to get a ticket, and once at the game would paint their entire bodies a glorious shade of Carolina blue.

Are you doing enough to capitalize on this obsession?  Many companies sponsor games or halftime shows, but there is an opportunity to reach students before and after the game.  The actual game isn’t the only focus to students.  If you’re looking for Spring 2012 promotional ideas consider hosting a basketball tailgate, tabling right outside the doors before the game, hosting a viewing party for those students not at the game, hosting post-game events at Greek houses, and even hiring brand reps to mingle with the crowds.