4 Peripheral Lessons Learned In College

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This article really took me back to my college days. It is so true, college really does fly by.


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Why college students stop short of a degree?!

While reading this article, I was alarmed by the percentage of students that were dropping out of college. The article does go on to say , staying in college and going to a college ( you can afford) is recommended. Rather than leaving without a degree because of a financial burden or simply because you have to work at it.

(In my opinion) unless, you have that dream job on lockdown, STAY and complete your degree. The work force is way too competitive not to be a college graduate.

So to quote Thomson Jefferson “I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.”

Stay strong and study hard,

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40 stores who offer student discounts, but don’t promote it?!?!

When reading this article I was shocked that these stores don’t promote their awesome student discounts! I will admit I knew about a few of these deals, but not all of them. All college students need/want (well, mostly need) a discount. Why not promote your student offer and drive up sales?! These deals need to be promoted by peer-to-peer grassroots marketing and posted on social media. Then students will create even more word-of-mouth than before.

Let college student know you want them in your store and they will take care of the rest!

Jennifer Cox

Account Manger

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College Students & Email-The relationship isn’t as close as you think…

As an account manager who works very close with college students, I found this article to be RIGHT on point. When I need to get an update or piece of information quickly, I text my brand ambassadors to get the job done. I’ve also had many productive conversations through Facebook chat. I call it my “work” Facebook to ensure my colleagues know I’m truly working.

Welcome to the world of college communication….


Jennifer Cox, UD On Campus Account Manager





College Students and the Next Big Thing

We asked a group of current college students what trends were the “next big thing”  among their peers?  Many of their responses centered on technology and advanced electronic programs that pertain to class, like Purdue’s notes and content sharing platform, Mixable.  Take a look:  Purdue Mixable

More and more college students are purchasing tablets and bringing them to class to take notes.  “A huge trend that might occur in the upcoming year is the purchasing of digital copies of textbooks for use on the tablets or other devices,” one student said.

Clearly the world in general is moving deeper into a technology driven society, and we feel college students are at the forefront of the movement. “Students are incessantly spreading the newest online site or app or gadget,” another student offered.  “Given any spare moment in the day and we’ll have a phone whipped out to text or talk or we’ll dash to the computer to Facebook or Skype. I’m confident the “next big thing” will be another venue for us to convene from a distance.”

Submitted by: Jennifer Balyint @ UDOC