Project Glass: Will college students be the first to try this new product?

This could be very interesting… I love Apple and anything that tests Apple and its products is a good thing, in my opinion. I’m excited to see how this product turns out.

Will I be talking to you via sunglasses?! Who knows?

Jennifer Cox

Account Manager

UD On Campus




College Students and the Next Big Thing

We asked a group of current college students what trends were the “next big thing”  among their peers?  Many of their responses centered on technology and advanced electronic programs that pertain to class, like Purdue’s notes and content sharing platform, Mixable.  Take a look:  Purdue Mixable

More and more college students are purchasing tablets and bringing them to class to take notes.  “A huge trend that might occur in the upcoming year is the purchasing of digital copies of textbooks for use on the tablets or other devices,” one student said.

Clearly the world in general is moving deeper into a technology driven society, and we feel college students are at the forefront of the movement. “Students are incessantly spreading the newest online site or app or gadget,” another student offered.  “Given any spare moment in the day and we’ll have a phone whipped out to text or talk or we’ll dash to the computer to Facebook or Skype. I’m confident the “next big thing” will be another venue for us to convene from a distance.”

Submitted by: Jennifer Balyint @ UDOC


College Students, Digital Devices and Apps…. Are You There Yet?

Media Post shared some important news today, “A new study among 1,000 college-age students ages 17-21 from Jack Myers‘ Media Business Report found that 76% say while watching TV they like to use digital devices contacting friends and others about the TV shows they’re watching…. this number rises to 94% of college students engaging in some form of multitasking while watching TV.”

We’ve seen many companies produce apps and content to ensure they’re part of the conversation.  Our partner Akoo produced an app that turns your smart phone into an Akoo remote control – allowing you to select on-demand programming and music videos at campuses across America.  Reach students where they are, and let them become part of your brand on their own terms.  Thumbs up, Akoo!

Submitted by: Jennifer Balyint @UD On Campus