Facebook lessons from Dr. Zuckerberg!

So interesting… Mark Zuckerberg’s dad is giving lessons on how to use Facebook to market your business. He seems to have a great handle on things and is doing very well with promoting his dental practice via Facebook. I wonderful how many people pay him for his sessions?!

As always, Enjoy!

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6 Ways to Acquire New Customers via Social Media

We all know social media is important to everyone! Whether you are a college student or a company. This article really gives some great insight of how strategic you need to be when it comes to engaging your current and new customers via social media!

Best part of this article is the comment “Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to Facebook fan growth…”


Jennifer Cox

Account Manager

UD On Campus





How often do you check your Facebook page?

We asked, and 44% of our interns reported checking Facebook 1-3 times a day. Underestimating? Probably. You’ll see that 28% of those polled said they check in more than 5 times daily, 16% said they log in more than 10 times daily, and 8% of our most honest students said they check Facebook more than 20 times a day. You know they’re there; your job is to participate in the discussion in a meaningful way.

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Submitted by: Jennifer Balyint @ UD On Campus


What turns you off about a brand?

Companies spend their 8 hours a day trying to reach consumers.  Innovate or die, right?  Focus on upgrades, improvements, new models, cleaner designs and customer loyalty.  What if you’re actually turning your target market off without realizing it?  Take a look at what college students listed as the top 10 elements that turn them off about a brand.

10. Poor quality

9. If it is not easily accessible

8. Hurting animals/people, not organic, too expensive, or not fair to employees

7. My friends have had bad experiences with it

6. Too pushy on social networking

5. Lack of customer service, unnecessary price increases

4. If the commercials and ads seem fake or unrealistic. Also, if the brand is annoying by constantly sending flyers and advertisements

3. They have annoying or irrelevant commercials about their products

2. When it doesn’t work as it should

1. If the advertisements are too in my face. I’m either going to buy it or not, don’t blow up my Facebook and Hulu commercials

Submitted by: Jennifer Balyint @ UD On Campus


What would make you recommend a page to a friend?

We did our homework, and students have to be pretty impressed to recommend a brand or even Facebook page to their friends.  We found that 70% of the students said they’d recommend a page if the brand posted coupons or deals frequently.  Posting funny content came in at 50%, and 40% of students said they’d recommend a brand if they posted relevant, interesting content, or if they posted pictures of them taken at an event.

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Submitted by: Jennifer Balyint @ UD On Campus


What kind of content do you want to see a brand posting on Facebook and Twitter?

Posting content for college students daily is beneficial, as long as you’re piquing their interest.  We received lots of feedback from our interns.  Here are their top 10 responses for what they’d like to see posted on Facebook and Twitter:

10. Pictures from the events with a brief description and possibly a coupon.

9. Free giveaways

8. Locations! Let the product speak for itself, but where we’re actually distributing is useful information.

7. Fun events and job opportunity postings would be the content I would most likely take a second look at.

6. Catchy videos and one-day promotions

5. Feedback from product users

4. Fun, witty, and informative posts.

3. Flashy pages are much more effective because no one wants to look at a boring page with no pictures.

2. Everyone loves anything that is FREE! I think almost anyone is drawn to these words. I think it is also really important to feature drink and food specials. We are all college kids and that’s what we want to do, so if we can go somewhere where there will be free items and drink and food specials, we are there!

1. Something funny and original… not just updates.  The more interactive the better.

Submitted by: Jennifer Balyint @ UD On Campus