Five Tips for Building Your Brand’s Social Personality

It’s always important to understand how your brand is promoted on social media… Here are some great tips!


Jennifer Cox

Account Manager

UD On Campus




6 Ways to Acquire New Customers via Social Media

We all know social media is important to everyone! Whether you are a college student or a company. This article really gives some great insight of how strategic you need to be when it comes to engaging your current and new customers via social media!

Best part of this article is the comment “Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to Facebook fan growth…”


Jennifer Cox

Account Manager

UD On Campus





College Students and the Next Big Thing

We asked a group of current college students what trends were the “next big thing”  among their peers?  Many of their responses centered on technology and advanced electronic programs that pertain to class, like Purdue’s notes and content sharing platform, Mixable.  Take a look:  Purdue Mixable

More and more college students are purchasing tablets and bringing them to class to take notes.  “A huge trend that might occur in the upcoming year is the purchasing of digital copies of textbooks for use on the tablets or other devices,” one student said.

Clearly the world in general is moving deeper into a technology driven society, and we feel college students are at the forefront of the movement. “Students are incessantly spreading the newest online site or app or gadget,” another student offered.  “Given any spare moment in the day and we’ll have a phone whipped out to text or talk or we’ll dash to the computer to Facebook or Skype. I’m confident the “next big thing” will be another venue for us to convene from a distance.”

Submitted by: Jennifer Balyint @ UDOC


20 Trends in College Marketing

A member of our marketing and media team came across this blog – and we just had to share it.  Their most recent post outlines 20 Cool Trends in College Marketing, and we think they’re right on point: 20 Cool Trends in College Marketing

A few things stood out to us, namely the Yale video!  The article reported that, “today’s new crop of college commercials, stunning graphics, endearing comedy, and even explosions are used to attract students to a particular college.”  Much like a promotional campaign for a client, Yale used humor and peer interactions to showcase their style.  The student-created video received more than 1 million views.


Submitted By: Jennifer Balyint @ UDOC


Marketing Efforts College Students Enjoy

Our office (filled with recent college grads) has been abuzz about the “ridiculous, funny, love her!” lady in the Target commercials.  We asked current college students about the marketing efforts they enjoy, and compiled this top 10 list based on their responses.  We weren’t surprised to see free giveaways and SWAG at the top of the list!

  1. Free giveaways or samples (relevant items like notebooks or bottle openers)
  2. Funny commercials
  3. Events sponsored by the brand (pool party thrown by the brand)
  4. Fun games tied with marketing
  5. Anything interactive or engaging
  6. Social media (contests or sweepstakes for fan pages)
  7. Commercials with new music or cool graphics
  8. Bundle packages
  9. Sponsorship of philanthropy
  10. Magazine ads

Submitted by: Jennifer Balyint @UD On Campus


How often do you check your Facebook page?

We asked, and 44% of our interns reported checking Facebook 1-3 times a day. Underestimating? Probably. You’ll see that 28% of those polled said they check in more than 5 times daily, 16% said they log in more than 10 times daily, and 8% of our most honest students said they check Facebook more than 20 times a day. You know they’re there; your job is to participate in the discussion in a meaningful way.

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Submitted by: Jennifer Balyint @ UD On Campus