More Colleges Offer Tuition Guarantees

With rising costs of education and state and local budget cuts, students need to become more savvy shoppers when determining where to pursue their degree.  We hear too many stories of students’ inability to finish their degree in 4 years due to reduced course offerings and poor planning advice. 

The Wall Street Journal posted an article on 11/27 that stated, “more colleges are offering four-year degree guarantees, where you don’t pay extra if your child’s education spills over into additional semesters.”

“The guarantee is currently being offered by about 20 private colleges and a few public schools, says Tony Pals, a spokesman for the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, and an increasing number of schools are slated to offer the option in the fall of 2012.”  (Find article @ “Schools Offer Guarantees.” By: Emily Glazer)

Larger universities are offering more career guidance for students, and in return we’ve seen the number of applicants for our internships increase exponentially in the past 2 years. For those students who are serious about school, all signs point to increased options for a quality education.

Submitted by: Jennifer Balyint @ UDOC