What kind of content do you want to see a brand posting on Facebook and Twitter?

Posting content for college students daily is beneficial, as long as you’re piquing their interest.  We received lots of feedback from our interns.  Here are their top 10 responses for what they’d like to see posted on Facebook and Twitter:

10. Pictures from the events with a brief description and possibly a coupon.

9. Free giveaways

8. Locations! Let the product speak for itself, but where we’re actually distributing is useful information.

7. Fun events and job opportunity postings would be the content I would most likely take a second look at.

6. Catchy videos and one-day promotions

5. Feedback from product users

4. Fun, witty, and informative posts.

3. Flashy pages are much more effective because no one wants to look at a boring page with no pictures.

2. Everyone loves anything that is FREE! I think almost anyone is drawn to these words. I think it is also really important to feature drink and food specials. We are all college kids and that’s what we want to do, so if we can go somewhere where there will be free items and drink and food specials, we are there!

1. Something funny and original… not just updates.  The more interactive the better.

Submitted by: Jennifer Balyint @ UD On Campus


How effective is promoting using Facebook or Twitter before an event? Does it drive event traffic?

Forty percent (40%) of our students polled were confident that promoting via Facebook or Twitter before an event helps drive traffic for that event.  We agree that you’ll entice student walking by, but social media is important for your committed fans, and to reach students who may not have been in the event’s vicinity. We recommend posting a few days before the event, the day of the event, and then promoting photos and video post-event.

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Submitted by: Jennifer Balyint @ UD On Campus