Hiring 600 College Students

Submitted by: Jared Herman@ UDOC Marketing & Media Team

December rolls around and most people are thinking about Christmas gifts and memories to be made with family and friends, not this guy!  I am getting pumped to start recruiting my sales force for the summer of 2012! In the next 4 months, University Directories will hire 620 college interns from 200 universities nationwide for our summer sales and marketing internship. 

What do I look for in an intern?  I want a CHAMP! 

A CHAMP is an acronym we use when interviewing potential interns:

  • Coachable—are you willing to take advice?
  • Hardworking—do you quit when you face adversity? Or do you rise to the occasion?
  • Attitude—are you a negative person that brings down a team?  Or are you positive?
  • Motivated—when given a task or goal are you motivated to surpass that? Or settle for what is expected?
  • Passionate—when involved with a project do you give it all or settle for average?

Students with these controllable traits will have recruiters knocking at their doors to join their team.