40 stores who offer student discounts, but don’t promote it?!?!

When reading this article I was shocked that these stores don’t promote their awesome student discounts! I will admit I knew about a few of these deals, but not all of them. All college students need/want (well, mostly need) a discount. Why not promote your student offer and drive up sales?! These deals need to be promoted by peer-to-peer grassroots marketing and posted on social media. Then students will create even more word-of-mouth than before.

Let college student know you want them in your store and they will take care of the rest!

Jennifer Cox

Account Manger

UD On Campus


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College Students & Email-The relationship isn’t as close as you think…

As an account manager who works very close with college students, I found this article to be RIGHT on point. When I need to get an update or piece of information quickly, I text my brand ambassadors to get the job done. I’ve also had many productive conversations through Facebook chat. I call it my “work” Facebook to ensure my colleagues know I’m truly working.

Welcome to the world of college communication….


Jennifer Cox, UD On Campus Account Manager





Obsessed with College Sports

Submitted by: Maddie Gaulden @ UDOC Marketing & Media Team

Recently one of my friends changed their Facebook religious views to “Carolina Basketball.”  While I thought it was pretty funny, it made me think: how obsessed are students with college sports?  Going to school in a town fanatical about their basketball, there was often a greater demand than there were tickets to the games.  Students would do almost anything to get a ticket, and once at the game would paint their entire bodies a glorious shade of Carolina blue.

Are you doing enough to capitalize on this obsession?  Many companies sponsor games or halftime shows, but there is an opportunity to reach students before and after the game.  The actual game isn’t the only focus to students.  If you’re looking for Spring 2012 promotional ideas consider hosting a basketball tailgate, tabling right outside the doors before the game, hosting a viewing party for those students not at the game, hosting post-game events at Greek houses, and even hiring brand reps to mingle with the crowds.



What turns you off about a brand?

Companies spend their 8 hours a day trying to reach consumers.  Innovate or die, right?  Focus on upgrades, improvements, new models, cleaner designs and customer loyalty.  What if you’re actually turning your target market off without realizing it?  Take a look at what college students listed as the top 10 elements that turn them off about a brand.

10. Poor quality

9. If it is not easily accessible

8. Hurting animals/people, not organic, too expensive, or not fair to employees

7. My friends have had bad experiences with it

6. Too pushy on social networking

5. Lack of customer service, unnecessary price increases

4. If the commercials and ads seem fake or unrealistic. Also, if the brand is annoying by constantly sending flyers and advertisements

3. They have annoying or irrelevant commercials about their products

2. When it doesn’t work as it should

1. If the advertisements are too in my face. I’m either going to buy it or not, don’t blow up my Facebook and Hulu commercials

Submitted by: Jennifer Balyint @ UD On Campus


What makes you choose one brand over another?

Notoriously strapped for cash, 90% of students polled said PRICE is a major factor when choosing one brand over another.  The second highest incentive was “I tried a free sample and liked it,” which came in at 60%.  Students do have money to spend, it’s just limited and they’re careful about where they spend it.  Allowing a student to try a free sample of your brand takes the guess work out of whether they’re spending their money on something they’ll like.

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Submitted by: Jennifer Balyint @ UD On Campus


Do you use coupons or coupon codes?

College students love a good deal, and it was no surprise that 75% of the students we polled said they use coupons or coupon codes when making purchases.  The majority of clients we work with offer a student discount or incentive during their campaign.  Don’t be surprised if students jump from brand to brand trying different products and consuming all the coupons and deals at their fingertips.  Your reward will come later when your brand has consistently been an option for them and they establish buying patterns.

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Submitted by: Jennifer Balyint @ UD On Campus