40 stores who offer student discounts, but don’t promote it?!?!

When reading this article I was shocked that these stores don’t promote their awesome student discounts! I will admit I knew about a few of these deals, but not all of them. All college students need/want (well, mostly need) a discount. Why not promote your student offer and drive up sales?! These deals need to be promoted by peer-to-peer grassroots marketing and posted on social media. Then students will create even more word-of-mouth than before.

Let college student know you want them in your store and they will take care of the rest!

Jennifer Cox

Account Manger

UD On Campus


#student discounts

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Marketing Efforts College Students Enjoy

Our office (filled with recent college grads) has been abuzz about the “ridiculous, funny, love her!” lady in the Target commercials.  We asked current college students about the marketing efforts they enjoy, and compiled this top 10 list based on their responses.  We weren’t surprised to see free giveaways and SWAG at the top of the list!

  1. Free giveaways or samples (relevant items like notebooks or bottle openers)
  2. Funny commercials
  3. Events sponsored by the brand (pool party thrown by the brand)
  4. Fun games tied with marketing
  5. Anything interactive or engaging
  6. Social media (contests or sweepstakes for fan pages)
  7. Commercials with new music or cool graphics
  8. Bundle packages
  9. Sponsorship of philanthropy
  10. Magazine ads

Submitted by: Jennifer Balyint @UD On Campus


3 Factors That Make College Students Loyal to a Brand

After comparing the responses from our student informants, three themes emerged when it comes to college students and brand loyalty: Quality, Price and Customer Service.

Above all, quality was listed as the leader.  Students repeatedly said that quality was the number one factor that contributed to their loyalty.  Next on the list was price.  We heard statements like “must offer a great value” and “reasonable price.”  Students weren’t saying they demanded the cheapest product, they just want the most perceived value.  The third factor was customer service.  One student told us “I want consistency in the things that matter, but also ingenuity and transparency in communication; I want them to be accessible if I ever need to ask a question…”

Another student added, “I am a creature of habit; I will try new things, but I tend to go back to what’s familiar.” Now it’s just a matter of earning that loyalty.

Submitted by: Jennifer Balyint @UD On Campus