Amplify Your Experiential Marketing Campaigns by Asking the Right Questions

Listening is such a crucial part to the marketing experience.  What do ‘they’ want?  How do ‘they’ want it fed to them?  It’s important to remember at the most basic level, the people we as marketers serve.  They are our neighbors, our colleagues. They want to be wowed over time before they fully engage with a brand.  It has to be organic…a conversation.

UDOC deals heavily with college students.  Probably the demographic with the shortest attention span – but with the keenest radar in spotting the “BS“.  Eric Addeo outlines the basic questions we must ask ourselves as marketers, while we tune both ears into listening to our Clients and demographic.  UDOC prides itself in its idea of communicating “Before, During and After” events to ensure effective marketing campaigns.


  • How can we pre-promote our experience in a compelling way?
  • How will this pre-promotion not only create buzz, but provide our target  audience a way to evaluate our brand or product.
  • How can we utilize social networks, online media, public relations and our web presence to drive this interaction?
  • How will the brand look and sound during this phase of promotion and  consumer interaction?
  • How will all this pre-activity or promotion drive interest for our on-site  experience?
  • How will our on-site activity continue the consumer’s active evaluation of  our brand?
  • How will, or can technology take our consumer experience to new  heights?
  • What kind of pertinent content can we create during our event?

During the Event

  • How are we pushing out our event activities and content via digital, social  and web during activation?
  • Does our program provide enough brand interaction time for our consumer to  make a connection?
  • Do our event activities drive the consumer to increase purchase intent and  foster loyalty?
    • What consumer information can we gather on site in order to develop a longer  relationship?
    • How can we gather, store and utilize that CRM information?
    • How do we survey consumers to see if they engaged with the brand prior to  that day’s activation?
    • Was that brand engagement driven by our pre-event  activities?

Post- Event

  • How will we communicate with our core target post event?
  • How can we post-promote the experience in a compelling way?
  • How will this post-promotion build on our initial buzz, and provide our  audience with a way to continue evaluating or considering our brand or  product?
  • How will we utilize social networks, online media, public relations and our  web presence to drive this post-event interaction?
  • How will our content be pushed out post event?
  • How will success be measured and will our metric prove the event was a  success?
  • How will we take advantage of the CRM data we’ve collected onsite?
  • How will the next event continue the momentum that we’ve started?

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